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Traditional Naturopathy

Strengthening Your Immune System Before the Spring Season

According to Chinese Medicine Spring season is the perfect time for purifying and revitalization for overall health and well-being. Therefore, the best way to treat a disease is to prevent it.

Fundamental principles of Chinese medicine include treating diseases prior to its existence and strengthen the defenses to avoid sickness.

Some of my suggestions includes common sense activities such as:

  • wash your hands frequently or use hand sanitizer
  • avoid touching your face
  • avoid crowded places primarily when sick individuals are present
  • plenty sleep

Additional suggestions include:

  • regular stress management approaches such as meditation, yoga, Qi Gong, breathing techniques, and Tai Chi
  • regular practice of enjoyable exercises
  • stop smoking and moderate drinking if any
  • take immune booster herbs and supplements such as garlic, Vit. C and Zinc
  • use essential oils to strengthen the immune system recommended by a qualified practitioner
  • get regular massages, foot reflexology, and Tuina
  • receive specialized acupoint and cupping therapy from a qualified practitioner
  • eat healthy unprocessed foods, consisted of high fiber, low fat, and with vegetables and fruits
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