The Carrico Therapy Center is now offering Hair Analysis and Iridology!

 Profile 2 - Complete Hair Analysis

  • 36 nutritional and toxic elements
  • Holistic and non-invasive procedure
  • Measures the mineral content of the hair.
  • Provides indications of mineral status and toxic metal  


  • Copy of the test and graphic results included
  • Complete individualized evaluation
  • Detailed discussion of the client’s  metabolic type – fast   

       or slow metabolism

  • Current deficiency and excess of nutrient levels
  • Recommendations of nutrients and supplement for better 



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Profile 2 – Hair Analysis Trace Elements Inc.

Total Cost Only $95.00!

Computerized Iridology   Initial Assessment Only $50  

Computerized Iridology

Non-invasive assessment technique

Designed to identify inherited strengths and weaknesses in the body.


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