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Skin Firming Massage Treatment

The Skin Firming Massage is a series of 8 or 12 treatments. Each treatment session starts with a dry brushing exfoliation, followed by a TDP Far Infrared treatment. Essential Cupping™ massage is completed specially selected essential oils and treatment ends with an application of a hibiscus and honey firming cream which is included with each package and all are instructed in application for home use to magnify the results.

The Therapeutic Benefits of TDP Far Infrared therapy use light of a specific wavelength to penetrate through layers of skin to affect cells and tissues to help detoxify the skin which may help the blood to deliver fresh oxygen, nutrients, and healing enzymes into the body cells.

Essential Cupping™ therapy uses suction cups on acupoints to restore proper energetic flow and may increase blood on and around the acupoint facilitating the natural absorption of the therapeutic properties of essential oils and firming cream.

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Health Coaching

One-on-one sessions to create individualized solutions to facilitate mindset and behavior changes that support a sustainable balanced lifestyle.

Package 1: Six 30 minutes sessions $180

Package 2: Twelve 30 minutes sessions $330

Melissa Carrico, LMT, COTA/L

Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Reiki Master.

Basic Balance Therapies


Massage + Reiki Combo

60 minutes session includes 30 minutes Reiki followed by 30 minutes back and feet


Therapeutic Massage

30 min - $35

60 min - $60

Myofascial Release & Lymphatic Drainage

60 min - $75

90 min - $100

Time includes 10 min assessment

Hot Stone

60 min - $80

75 min - $95

90 min - $120

* Service includes aromatherapy.


45-60 min -$60


30 minutes: Foot Reflexology $30, Reiki $35, Localized Cupping Therapy $30

Aromatherapy $10 for customized diffuser/oil blend

Must be booked at the time of appointment! 

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